Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year Resolutions | Trulicious FBL

Hey my little Trulinators!
So, we've all seen or been through a lot this year: The jubilee, the Olympics, the 'wet winter' which is actually still going on...
Then there's me personally... I've been through a hec of a lot this year and everything has been washed through a great tidal wave of change?
In fact, its got to the point where I need to step in I think and just say 'Woah, I'm not to sure about this. I think we need some resolutions up in here right now...'
Soo here they are...

Number 1. I'm so critical of myself, I believe it's good to recognise your attributes and your flaws but I go to far and it stops me doing the things I love, so this year I'm going to LEARN TO LOVE MYSELF.

Secondly... As i said, I've been through a lot this year and throughout it all I've been immensely positive... Until very recently. I've always been an 'over-thinker' but now my brains gone into overdrive- it scares me. So I've decided to nip it in the bud and LIVE EACH DAY AS IT COMES.

To keep me occupied I'd like to complete the 365 day tumblr challenge this year, but it will be posted here as well as tumblr and Instagram.. Definitely Instagram. :)
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One of my downfalls is I hate vegetables with a passion. Salad is ok.. Fruit is tasty... but I cannot remember the last time I had my 'five a day'. Shameful. I'm very picky with food but this year I am determined to TRY NEW THINGS & EAT HEALTHY.

There is a ton of things I want to change for the better this year actually...

As I've been so ill this last two years I've missed a lot and I am scared to face the real world again, so this new year is going to n e a other tough year, but I'm going to smile and use my time to MY best interests. This year is for me. Please let me know what your New Years resolutions are, I love hearing from you guys, I love you, god bless, Lulu x
Ps I hope you had a very merry Christmas! <3

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Where have you been?!

Hello everyone, I suppose you'll be wondering where on earth I've been... either that, or you won't have even the slightest clue I've been gone. Well either way, I shall explain myself anyway. As you may know I suffer with Auto-immune Liver Disease. I have had it all my life but didn't have a clue until I was 13 years old, a year on, when I was fourteen, my condition had gotten much worse and I had a large scar on the tissues of my liver so it was announced that I needed a transplant. Now I'm fifteen and three weeks ago I had that transplant.
I still find it a little difficult to speak about as it was so major. So that is where this story ends... at least for now. I will be back very shortly to inform you of the real documentary but I will tell you this for now: My mother  gave me the liver I have now, sounds insane right? My mother has given me life twice... even the media is interested in our story! My father has been looking after us both. I am sure none of us would have got through this without him, his love and efforts have been extroadinary- if I can give you any advice at the present it would be to keep your loved ones close... they will always be there, whether you like it or not.

Ahh, well it's time to turn in, I'll tell you more when my mother and I are fully recovered, later my darlings, speak soon.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

OOTD: Stripes&Spikes and Denim!

Hey chummies, it's sunday and I've vowed that in the spirit of dollybowbow Sundays will be movie making day, but I thought I could do an OOTD for you guys too!!!(:

Check out my youtube?!

Love these leggings! Bought last Thursday for £14!
My faaavourite necklace!!!

Sorry about the blur :S

Shoes- Primark a looong time ago(:
Let me know what you think and if you want more posts like this:'P

Friday, 19 October 2012

A question of Spring!

Hey honey-buns, now I know what your thinking... spring?! In the middle of autumn!?

Well, yes. I am working on a little project and this will provide me with a great deal of help and I thought you might like to join in? I'll be posting these daily if I get any feedback from you guys?!(: It's just something quick and fun to do when your bored...

Sooo think spring and GO!

 Do you LOVE or HATE...



Peach blush?

The question is...
What fashion accessory will you be showing off this spring?!

Thanks for the help beautiful!



Hope you enjoy(:!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Here I am laid on the couch... ouch! | Liver Disease

Hey chummies, I hope you're feeling well!(: This morning's post is very different! I hope you don't mind and though it's not a happy, little story, I hope you, kind of... enjoy it...

So, this blog, as it states above, is 'my journey through fashion, beauty and liver disease.
If you are a new visitor to this page and have no clue what I am talking about, look here>

Ok, so first things first this is not a happy post, so if you have no interest in reading please don't. PS I am not looking for sympathy in any way whatsoever, but this is my little space on the big wide web so here it goes...

Here I am. Laid on the couch, feeling like absolute poop- sick bowl at the ready.

So last friday I had this same, stabbing-like pain in my lower abdomen. My mum and dad always ask, "Out of ten, how bad is the pain?" Ten being the worst. I have a very high pain thresh-hold and don't complain until it gets really bad so when I stumbled into my mum's room at 3am, rocking back- and fourth and clutching my pain engulfed abdomen, I was a solid 8.  Along with this pain came an extremely dry mouth and a little nausea... I was taken to hospital where, (IF YOU'RE SQUEAMISH, PLEASE STOP READING)...

 I got out and threw up in the parking lot, three times! (Classy, eh? But I couldn't help it). I was then admitted at around 4.30am still in a great deal of pain and had vomitted again, twice, luckily, this was the end of that as I had NOUT left to chuck up! My dinner was a 'goner' and so was all the other junk I don't want to think about now!

The reason I'm explaining this is because the pain is back and so is the nausea, but this time it's much worse but thank goodness I haven't thrown my guts, yet.. and hec, yep, the dry mouth has made a return too!

So, I know what you're thinking... why don't you get your ass to the hospital again then? Well, I wish I could, but we rang my hospital that I go to for my liver treatment and all that jazz and they said just to go to my local, soo, we rang my local and there are no doctors on the ward! I mean what on earth?! I suppose they must all be off fixing up some other patient, which, by the way, I appreciate entirely and I don't care if I have to wait if it gets them going again, but I have to admit it is frustrating when the only thing I do want to admit is being admitted to hospital:/

I'm actually doing surprisingly okay, normally I would never be able to concentrate this long; I'd be rocking back and fourth; I would of tried every body position in the book; I'd on the floor; on the sofa; on the bed; standing up; sitting down; pacing back and fourth and back and fourth...

The pain now is about a 6 or 7, which I can just about deal with as writing this is keeping me distracted. My vocab. is probably shocking alongside, my grammar and spelling but this is what it's really like. I couldn't have gone and come back feeling as fit as a fiddle, then write this as I eventually become so engulfed in it all, my brains fuzzy when I try to re-call the event. So here it is up, live and personal. Wish me luck, I'll be going to my loval at 9.30... 1 hour to go!!!


Thursday, 11 October 2012

SWAP HAUL with Elouise1984!!

Hey chummies!!
So, if you watch my channel you will know I did a swap with Elouise1984!
Well it arrived today and I am so overjoyed and greatful with what I found in my little parcel- more than I can ever wish for!
(Thank you sooo much Elle and her beautiful little girl!)
I pulled the parcel out of it's big envelope and this is the first thing I saw!
Saffron, Elle's little girl decorated the lid for me and I love it! It's so cute!
(Thank you beautiful)!
Okay so I opened up the box and straight away, I noticed the lid which had some sweeties taped inside and as little heart saying 'much love' drawn in the middle! ADORABLE!

Elle knows how much I love vintage, especially Cath Kidston's famous styles, so she wrapped all the little gifts in this beautiful red polka dot paper!!! It looks so beautiful!!
The cutest wrapping ever^!

Avon samples(:
A gorgeous Brooch

Avon Shimmer stick

2 colour trend nail varnishes
Velour& Peekaboo
Colour Trend Lipstick 
(Adorable presentation-see video)!
Chocolate facemask!
Lemon Meringue Bath Salts!
..mmm, relax:P

WELLA Hair styling moose& primer!
Curl defining primer!
2 adorable bath bombs!A cute little bear keyring{:
&&&& An AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS hair accessory!!!

It is all so lovely and I can't thank Elle enough, seriously guys if you've never done a swap, it is seriously amazing and fun and exciting!
PS See VIDEO in next post- Coming Soon!!!